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Waterfront Inspection

Waterfront infrastructure underpins economies worldwide and waterfront inspection is the backbone of this industry. Rising Tide proudly stands tall among the competition with an in-house staff of experienced, ADCI certified engineer-divers to conduct underwater inspections and facility condition assessments. Our service provides a comprehensive evaluation along with the added value and insight needed for future planning. By varying intensity to meet our clients' demands, our waterfront inspections may range from a cursory swim-by to an in-depth investigation. Whether in response to a storm event, as part of a routine maintenance program, or the baseline survey of existing construction, our service is tailored to suit your needs.

  ​Sample Services

  • Above Water Inspection

  • Underwater Inspection (Levels I, II, and III)

  • Underwater Photography

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

  • Cathodic Protection Testing

  • Settlement and Crack Monitoring

  • Insurance Adjustment Assessment

  • Construction Special Inspections

  • Bathymetric Studies

Key Staff Experience

NYC EDC Citywide On-Call Services - US Navy Facilities - PANYNJ Port Newark and Port Elizabeth - Chelsea Piers

Waterfront Inspection
Engineering Design

Rehabilitation Engineering is our systematic approach towards the evaluation, design, development, and application of engineered solutions for the improvement of existing and new waterfront facilities. With Rising Tide, our clients gain unique access to specialized expertise with a "big picture" approach. When it comes to designing repairs or providing improvements, we're not prescriptive - we're proactive. Our team works closely with each client to develop multiple solutions for each issue brought to us. Rising Tide understands each client's funding and needs, both short and long-term, and takes that into careful consideration to produce a variety of value-added options. 

​  Sample Services

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Outfall Protection and Redesign

  • Structural Repair Design

  • Bulkhead Rehabilitation

  • Pier and Platform Rehabilitation

  • Facility Maintenance Programs

  • Asset Inventory Development

  • Structure Condition Forecasting

  • Waterfront Construction Permitting

Eng Design

Key Staff Experience

Weehawken Recreation Pier - Manhattan Cruise Terminal - Conoco Phillips Dam 1A - Chelsea Piers

Construction Support

Construction Support is the culmination of our ability and commitment towards seeing a project through to the end. It's about bringing designs to fruition; ensuring that work is done safely, properly, and on time. An engineer's duty is to see that structures are built safely for both the contractors who build them and the communities that use them. Rising Tide takes that commitment and brings it to the waterfront. Our team provides the crucial link between Owners, Contractors, and Designers. We review designs, consider logistics, and anticipate conflicts before they arise in the field. 

 Sample Services

  • Construction Administration

  • Special Inspections

  • Value Engineering

  • Pre-Construction Planning

  • Quality Control Inspections

  • Progress Tracking

  • Design Conformance Assurance

Key Staff Experience


Brooklyn Cruise Terminal - NYC 34th Street Heliport - Rockaway Boardwalk Reconstruction - FDR Drive Pile Rehabilitation

Construction Support
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